We have a big heart for music and a huge middle finger for cancer…

Who Are We?

Losing our close friend, our brother and son Arne to brain cancer at the age of 23 was an enormous slap in the face. He had fought his battle so bravely, we could not let his death be in vain. Every year since Arne passed away, we decided to celebrate his life and keep his spirit alive during a music festival: Rock Beats Cancer.

Good News and Bad News

Let’s start with the bad news: even though we would really want to, we won’t cure cancer ourselves. That being said, here’s the good news: we have some super intelligent friends who are trying to! Rock Beats Cancer supports research on brain tumors and treatment of brain cancer in close cooperation with UZ Ghent. We have donated over 80.000 euros so far… Pretty neat, right?!

Where do we come from?

From 2016 until 2019, Rock Beats Cancer was a small indoor music festival, with an unconditional love for good, qualitative music. Artists such as RHEA, ZwartWerk, Bizkit Park, Chackie Jam and many more already shone bright on our stage.

Anno 2021, Rock Beats Cancer still feels that same love for great music. Hell… perhaps even a bigger one than ever! So time has come to step up our game, moving to an outdoor location to give you that full festival experience. Rock Beats Cancer has entered the big league now!

That look on your face…

Ok, so we’re kind of the new kid in town. But hey… we’re here to stay! We’ve got some great Belgian artists lined up for you, waiting to kick your eardrums like a Shetland Pony on speed!

We’d love to see that look on your face when you discover our full line-up. It’s beyond epic, no doubt about that!

Be there or be square

So jump on your mopeds, push your skateboards and unleash your dragons towards our holy festival grounds in Ledegem on September 17 and 18 for a weekend you might never remember… You’ll be able to read all about it in the newspapers afterwards though, that’s a promise!