Covid Safe Event

Rock Beats Cancer is a Covid Safe event. This means no masks or social distancing will be necessary on our terrain.

To get access to our festival, this is what you need to do:

  • Download the CovidSafeBE app. You will find your CovidSafe ticket here.
  • Please wear your face mask when waiting for the Covid check at the entrance.
  • Bring your ID! We need to be able to verify whether the CovidSafe ticket is really yours.
  • We will scan your CovidSafe ticket. You will see a green screen:
    • If you have been fully vaccinated, at least two weeks before our event,
    • If you have a valid negative PCR test
    • Or if you have recovered from Covid infection in the past 6 months
  • After the Covid check, you can proceed to the entrance where we will check your ticket or where you will be able to buy one.
  • If you get a red screen, we cannot give you access to our festival. Please find a local pharmacist to perform a valid test and return if it is negative.

Don’t have a smartphone?

Download and print a valid certificate via !